Paul Brayton Announces Launch of New Furniture Company

The official launch for the Paul Brayton Designs Furniture Collection will be this June at NeoCon in Chicago

Paul Brayton created the Brayton International Collection in 1973 (borrowing money from a local banker with only a handshake to seal the deal), and has come full circle almost 40 years later. Brayton recently announced the launch of a new company, Paul Brayton Designs Furniture, which will bring high-end European and U.S. furniture designs, hand-crafted in the USA, to the contract and hospitality markets. The official launch for the Paul Brayton Designs Furniture Collection will be at NeoCon in Chicago, Ill. on June 13, 2011.

Many milestones have been reached in Paul Brayton’s long career. The Brayton International Collection name was later simplified to Brayton International and Steelcase purchased the company in 1987 to provide lounge products to the Steelcase dealer network. Paul Brayton was appointed as the president and CEO of the Steelcase Design Partnership in 1991, overseeing all of the companies that had been purchased by Steelcase (Brayton International, Vecta Contract [later simplified to Vecta], Metropolitan Furniture Company [later called Metro], Atelier International, Design Tex Fabrics, Details and Stow Davis). Brayton International, now known as Coalesse, has shifted its focus. This has created a new need in the market. Mr. Brayton will use his unique perspective and experience with the launch of the Paul Brayton Designs Furniture Collection.

Prior to creating the Brayton International Collection Mr. Brayton. worked in the office furniture industry with Lehigh Leopold and in 1971 he founded L. Paul Brayton, Ltd., a manufacturer of contemporary accessories and lighting. Since the early days of his career Mr. Brayton has been attending NeoCon (even before it was called NeoCon) and he’s pleased to be back again this year with his new venture.

All of Mr. Brayton’s success and experience led him to strike out on his own again in 1993. He left Steelcase behind to start Paul Brayton Designs, a successful and award-winning textile company. He has always been dedicated to creating original textile designs and producing them in the United States. Paul Brayton Designs’ textile and leather collections focus specifically on the hospitality, healthcare and contract markets. PBD offers an extensive selection of fabric, leather and faux leather collections. Many of these collections offer recyclable and sustainable textiles, furthering Mr. Brayton’s commitment to environmentally friendly processes.

Paul Brayton Designs textile and leather collections are graded in with some of the finest contract, hospitality and healthcare furniture manufacturers including Cabot Wrenn, Carolina Business Furniture, Cartwright, DarRan Seating, David Edward, Legacy Furniture, Patrician Furniture, Segis, Source International and Woeller Group. PBD has representation in all 50 states and in nine countries worldwide.

Mr. Brayton has received many accolades over the years including an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from Kendall College of Art and Design, the Distinguished Star Award by the Institute of Business Designers for outstanding contributions in the interior design industry, and numerous furniture and textile design awards.

Paul Brayton’s long and successful career has made him one of the most interesting in the contract and hospitality industries to date. His tenure gives him a unique perspective on these markets as he is poised to become a major player, yet again, in the high-end contract furniture market. Paul Brayton Designs Furniture expects to provide one hundred new jobs within the first year of operation. The furniture will be manufactured exclusively in the North Carolina Triad area, utilizing eco-friendly processes.