AIA President Clark. D Manus Inaugurated

The American Institute of Architects has inaugurated Clark D. Manus, FAIA, CEO of Heller Manus Architects as President.  Manus succeeds George H. Miller, FAIA, in representing AIA members.

Manus has previously served as the AIA National Vice President.

“This is our time to demonstrate the value of design in every community in spite of challenging times for the architecture profession,” says Manus. “I look forward to promoting the integrative ‘power of design’ in forging a coherent whole that balances seemingly conflicting issues. Stitching together communities by design—city, country, villages—to form mutually supportive agendas is the future of the globe. From an advocacy standpoint, I want to champion the need to evolve from looking at singular building designs to broader thinking about how buildings relate more effectively to their surroundings communities and the regional perspective.”

Manus has chaired a number of high-profile architectural committees and task forces, and has been involved in extensive community/urban design contributions over the past several decades.

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AIA President Clark. D Manus Inaugurated