ASHRAE’s New Sustainability Reference GreenGuide


The newly-published third edition of the ASHRAE GreenGuide: The Design, Construction and Operation of Sustainable Buildings features a new chapter on architectural design and planning impacts, plus updated guidelines affecting green buildings.

The book also offers new information on:

  • Sustainable energy master planning
  • Teaming strategies
  • How carbon emissions issues affect building design and operational decisions
  • Building information modeling
  • Strategies for greening existing buildings
  • Updates on new green building rating systems and standards
  • Compliance strategies for key ASHRAE standards

“The ASHRAE GreenGuide is a living document meant to be used by proactive design engineers working on green building design projects as part of a team that provides ideas and guidance of what to do, where to turn, what to advise and how to interact with other team members in a productive way,” says John Swift, co-author and co-editor of the GreenGuide.

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ASHRAE’s New Sustainability Reference GreenGuide

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