University of Cincinnati Research Could Reshape Electronic Devices

New electrofluidics design could redefine electronic devices.

Start-up company Gamma Dynamics and the University of Cincinnati have published findings about a new electrofluidics e-Display design that could lead to creation of electronic devices with high speed, high readability, and low power usage.

Currently, electronic devices are essentially divided into two groups: 
  • E-readers like the Kindle have limited functionality and slow speeds, but have very low power requirements.
  • Cell phones, iPads, and laptops all provide excellent functionality at high speeds, but have high power requirements.

A new “zero-power” design utilizes the best features of both existing electronic devices by making use of ambient lighting rather than a strong, internal light source. This switch to a reflected light source will also make for more environmentally friendly electronic devices.

It’s worth noting that the e-Display design can be produced and manufactured with existing facilities and technology. 

When will consumers get a glimpse of the new technology? It is predicted that e-Display technology will be used first in grocery-store shelf labels and advertising displays in approximately three years.