Google Backs Offshore Wind Project

Google, Good Energies, and Marubeni join in financing offshore wind turbine project.

Internet industry giant Google has joined financial forces with the New York based Good Energies and Japan’s Marubeni  for a project led by Trans-Elect.  The project will lay approximately 350 miles of underwater electric cable that will potentially form the backbone of a power grid for future offshore wind turbines.

Google announced the project “a superhighway for clean energy” on its blog:

The cable will run from Virginia to New Jersey, and may offer a sustainable way to generate electricity without producing harmful greenhouse gases. The cost associated with this titanic length of cable has not been released, but the New York Times reports it at approximately $5 billion.

Google announced in 2007 that it would begin taking an interest in companies and research that would produce renewable energy, and has also invested in onshore wind and solar energy in addition to the upcoming offshore wind turbine project.