Wireless Technology Enhances Concord Hospital’s Patient Care

Concord Hospital in New Hampshire has gone completely wireless. By utilizing wireless LAN technology, the hospital has been able to effectively implement wireless technology to support 3,200 employees, over ten different sites, and 145,000 residents. Within the hospital, Trapeze Networks has established failover technology to ensure reliability for patient care.

The network’s instant failover capabilities allow AP traffic to be picked up immediately by another wireless controller if one fails—without any effect on performance or availability, says Mary Starry, director of enterprise architecture and security at Concord.

The reliability of failover technology has provided the grounds for enhanced voice technology within the hospital, including voice-recognition badges to quickly share information from important equipment like electrocardiography or ultrasound machines.  With voice technology, information can quickly be shared from labs to physicians and care providers.

Going wireless also allows for an enhanced patient experience. Videoconferencing with real-time, high-def features provides quick access to specialty doctors at remote hospitals. Videoconferences designed for deaf and hard-of-hearing patients allow communication via translation services.

With nearly every room at Concord featuring wireless LAN and failover technology, interactivity among patients, caretakers, medical professions, and external resources has been built into the core function of the hospital.