Proposition 23 Secures Spot on California November Election Ballot


Clean energy advocates, politicians, and some economists are expressing concern over the potential of California’s Proposition 23 passing through legislation this November. Prop 23, referred to as the California Jobs Initiative by its supporters, would put a suspension on the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32), which creates a timeline for the state’s greenhouse emission levels to comply with the standards set forth in the Kyoto Protocol.

Since AB 32’s enactment, California has been a world leader in clean tech jobs and on the forefront of green technology. Many attribute Prop 23’s support to two of its major financial supporters, Texas oil companies Valero and Tesoro.

“Prop 23 should be viewed for what it is: a mechanism for regulatory and investment uncertainty that only benefits its backers—big out-of-state oil companies Valero and Tesoro—while putting the economic health of the rest of California at risk,” says Jeff Anderson, Executive Director of the Clean Economy Network.

However, supporters for Prop 23 argue that AB 32’s standards are draining California’s suffering economy.

According to, an organization supporting Prop 23 (with Valero and Tesoro as major financial contributors), “Sacramento politicians passed AB 32, which amounts to a new $60 billion energy tax that will kill jobs in California.”

Passing of Prop 23 would suspend AB 32 until unemployment levels are down to 5.5%. Prop 23 will be voted on in the November election ballot.

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