Federal Spending Emphasizes Energy Efficiency

Federal Technology Strategies for Energy Efficiency, a new report from INPUT, analyzes the technologies the federal government is using to reduce energy consumption, and also the ways in which legislative and budget factors account for energy policies. The report estimates spending associated with cloud computing, virtualization, green hardware and building management systems will reach $19 billion by 2015.

“Using green information technology and greening government structures fulfills several initiatives of the Obama administration,” says Principal Analyst Lauren Jones. “Namely: increasing the use of IT, incorporating environmentally sustainable programs into all aspects of government operations and services, and decreasing the federal deficit.

Specifically, the report segments the federal energy efficiency IT-related market and examines market size, forecast, evolution, dynamics, and growth. Strategies discussed in the report include smart grid modernization, building technologies such as smart meters and building management systems, and Green IT such as cloud computing. It also includes financing options for green facilities and advising for businesses entering the federal energy efficiency market. 

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