A Task Force Produces a Green Rating System for AV Systems

Because green building certification programs don’t address AV, field experts are stepping up to the plate to create their own

The new InfoComm Sustainable Technology Environment Performance (STEP) Rating System is being developed by the AV Sustainability Task Force.


The first of its kind, the task force will address the contribution and responsibility of the AV industry to sustainable building, focusing on the efficient use of energy, processes, and materials.


“As building design moves toward network-based technologies, a truly integrated, green building has to factor AV into the equation,” explains David Wilts, Crestron’s director of integrated building technology (IBT), who is a founding member.


The ultimate mission of the InfoComm AV Sustainability Task Force is to develop a rating system and certification program that will apply to the entire project process, including design, installation, implementation, and operation of AV systems. There are multiple opportunities to save energy in industry processes and systems, many of which apply to virtually any business. For example, there will be credits available in the design phase for working with electronic drawings and eliminating paper. Limiting travel by utilizing video conferencing will also earn points.


“Green building certification programs – such as LEED – don’t address AV (at least not yet). So it falls on the experts in the field to step up to the plate,” says Vincent Bruno, Crestron’s director of marketing.