Emotional and Behavioral Responses to Interior Design (Part 2)

Part two of psychologist Dr. Nicola Davies’ series on evidence based design highlights three ways interior design can elicit emotional and behavioral responses.

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Evidence Based Design: When Neuroscience, Psychology, and Interior Design Meet (Part 1)

To pick up the conversation where the pages of our February “Science of Design” edition left off, we are pleased to re-introduce psychologist Dr. Nicola Davies, author of “Empathy in Architecture” from our March 2014 issue, who will be sharing her weekly insights on cognitive architecture and evidence based design.

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Part 2: Safer Furniture, Safer Buildings: Flame Retardants and our Environment

This post addresses other areas of the building where we can begin reducing toxic flame retardants, and what all of us can do to make this change permanent.

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Interzum Preview Explores Smart Materials

Orgatec’s sister fair, the materials-focused Interzum, also occupies the Koelnmesse GmbH from May 5 – 8. A special Interzum preview was presented to Orgatec visitors – “Innovation of Interior: Smart Office Materials.”

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Orgatec: Working More Means Working Smarter

Once every two years the design world gathers to contemplate how office workers work. Orgatec, held in Cologne every other October, showcases the latest in practical design for our ever-evolving work spaces. We’re spending more time in the office than ever before, but longer hours don’t always translate into higher productivity. Being cooped up in a cubicle under fluorescent light rarely brings out the best in people. As designers continue to play with flexible spaces that allow workers to change their scenery and take advantage of wireless connectivity, territorial boundaries fade further and further into the distance. This level of mobility helps keep people engaged and inspired, while the layouts that enable it offer more efficient use of existing space; accommodations for the occasional influx of remote workers that need to spend a few days at HQ every few months; room for informal meetings. Furniture needs to achieve higher levels of comfort in order to support this way of working. ...

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Part 1: Safer Furniture, Safer Buildings: Flame Retardants and our Environment

Designers, end users, building owners, and consumers need to know there are new options for healthier interior products. It is now possible to meet the most widely used furniture flammability standard without adding toxic flame retardant chemicals.

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Design Politics 101: The Legislative Lexicon

There are many different types of legislative models in effect across the country. Which category does your state fall under?

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Design Legislation News: South Carolina

If there’s one name design advocates in South Carolina should know, it’s Patti Morrow, founder of the Interior Design Protection Council (IDPC).

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Introducing In Edition: The Blog About the Magazine

In Edition is a new blog that puts the & in I&S, offering continued coverage of the topics you’ll find in print each month. 

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Seeing Color: Design Miami Through the Eyes of Eric Chang, co-founder and chief designer of Brooklyn-based luxury furniture label, Hellman-Chang

Recently, I spent three whirlwind days in Miami during Design Miami. For the last few years the event has been making more and more noise in the design world. I went down the day before Art Basel Miami Beach opened, on December 2, to be a part of a panel called “Disruptors: Thinking Outside the Box” coinciding with the opening of an Andy Warhol Gallery and pop-up sale in JW Marriott, in partnership with Christie’s and Andy Warhol Museum. I had a great time exchanging thoughts with co-panelist Daniel Boulud on how we respectively “disrupted” our luxury industries. On December 3, I got to attend the Design Miami preview. This was the year of architect Peter Marino! He was the recipient of the inaugural Design Visionary Award and subject of an exhibition at Design Miami, in addition to a large exhibition on his work at the Bass Museum. Design Miami was a design feast tastefully supported by major corporate sponsors including Perrier Jouet, Audi, Fendi Casa and Swarowski, which each ...

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