HD Boutique: When Beige Attacks

On the morning of September 12, a dark force descended upon the rows and aisles of HD Boutique, rendering hospitality manufacturers virtually powerless. It was: The Beige.

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Debbie on Dentistry...and Designlush

If this chair wasn't inspired by gingivitis, then I don't know what is. Uh, hopefully nothing is, actually. But if something had to be inspired by a disease of the mouth, then this would most certainly be it.

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Awesome is in the Eye of the Beholder

God, there is a disgusting amount of patterns being created each day, am I right? All these designers are out there just drawing and drawing, making repeat after repeat, and, well—it gets a little repetitive.

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Debbie Diner: A Culinary Look at FirstLOOK

Anyone who thinks that the New York Design Center's FirstLOOK and its ilk aren't all about the cocktails and the cheese plates is completely delusional. Seriously, remember that. If you see someone walking around craning their necks to look at wood stains rather than wine options, they cannot be trusted.

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An Ode to Tradeshow Giveaways

Out of all the contests out there does anyone actually ever win? I mean, aside from the manufacturers’ biggest clients, of course. Many thousands of dollars have sent those business cards floating to the top of every raffle pile. For the rest of us, without the magic in our wallets, it’s more about snagging as many free cocktails as you can and trying to look like a distributor. (Hint: it’s all in the collar.)

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Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

In a media landscape oversaturated with positive spins and wannabe design mentors, it's time to get a little straight talk -- and it isn't always pretty. Think of me as your omnipresent overseer of all things A+D. Or think of me as a washed up pattern designer sitting at home playing gin rummy with her cats. Either way. 

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