Posted on 9/16/2012 8:32 PM by Grace Jeffers

Texture and grain have gone 3D. One of the hottest trends in design is the use of sculpted materials for accent walls. The deep textures look both artistic and upscale with the pattern being emphasized with a rich play of light and dark shadow. Within this trend we are seeing micro-themes emerge and one in particular we might call the" modern wood mosaic." Perhaps one of the finest examples of this can be seen in the Fusión Wood Panels collection from Architectural Systems, Inc.

Using a mix of natural materials, including reclaimed wine barrels, Fusión marries the soft linearity of wood grain with the more architectural lines of a mosaic. The effect is luscious, hybridizing the formal and the natural, the consistency of the machine and the irregularity of nature. Tesserae shapes include squares and tablets. Wood species include oak, teak, ironwood, tineo, platanus and pine. 

The Fusión Wood Panels collection won the Best New Product Award at GlobalShop 2012.

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