Posted on 10/3/2011 9:00 AM by Debbie Designer

This morning I scheduled an appointment with my dentist. I of course hate the dentist, but today I knew I simply must go. Why? Because I saw this:


If this chair wasn't inspired by gingivitis, then I don't know what is. Uh, hopefully nothing is, actually. But if something had to be inspired by a disease of the mouth, then this would most certainly be it.

Yes, there it is, bright and shining on the pages of your favorite design resources, reminding you that you are not flossing regularly enough.

Perhaps the editors are sado-masochists. They like that queasy uncomfortable feeling they get in the pit of their stomach and the roof of their mouth each time they look at this chair --and they want you to feel it too.

Well, fine. Have your fun, I guess. The real blasphemous thing is that there are a lot of really beautiful chairs that haven't gotten the attention they deserve.

How about the Gladis Love Seat by Ayala Serfaty for Aqua Creations? I mean, maybe it’s not your thing, but I’d take a topographical tar ball over the gum chair any day. At least it looks cozy.


Or check out the Blak Lounge by Designlush. This chair is sleek, sexy, and totally unreminescent of anything that might land you under a scalpel some day.


The real crème de la crème here is the Bronze Lounger also from Designlush. It makes me want to say stupid things like “mixed medium pizzazz.”


So I guess the real point here is that I have a crush on Designlush? Meh, it could be worse. I hear the designers use mouthwash every day.