Posted on 5/2/2012 1:28 PM by Grace Jeffers

In art, assemblage, describes a collection of things or pieces that are fit together. The word is derived from "assemble" which means "gathering." But what makes assemblage different from collage is that the finished work has a different meaning than the parts themselves. The bits come together and create a new context or meaning.  

Peter Glassford is an artist who designs and produces a line of bench-made furniture. He began producing wood collages using cuttings from the factory and repurposing them as art, fusing his two interests. Available as panels or murals, the result is a dense, textural landscape that has the emotional depth we expect of art tempered with the hint of restraint, which design dictates. Each is a distinct, chaotic composition and there are no patterns or repeats.

All photos courtesy Peter Glassford

Recycling never looked so sensuous!

Materials, Inc. distributes Glassford’s one-of-a-kind panels which they list as Modern-Rustic Art. Color and size may vary per client request and price quotes are based on the application and level of difficulty. Colors include: white lacquer, parota (natural color),  gold, brown, charcoal,  natural rosa morada.