Posted on 12/14/2011 4:41 PM by Debbie Designer

Woo! Debbie Designer here! Hope you haven't missed me too much. If you ever feel neglected, just start batting around my keys and knocking knickknacks off my shelves. That always works for Buster and Pebbles.

As silent as I've been, I have been a busy busy bee! 

BDNY came and went, Thanksgiving came and went, the Best of Year Awards came and went. And while I was at all of these events in full force, I just couldn't seem to muster up that much cynicism. These were good events, people!

BDNY was bright and lively, energized and crowded. Stacy Garcia's Trend Walk turned the nightmarishly bland hike to Javitz Center's North Hall into a pleasant, scenic stroll. Music and cafe seating turned the main entrance into a cheery meeting place, buzzing with conversation and activity. And most importantly--seriously, most importantly--the temperature was consistently warm. No A/C on blast, slapping every environmentally conscious designer in the face, like so many humiliating snowballs in the school yard. (What, that didn't happen to you?)

There's one thing I did notice: mannequins, semi-creepy mannequins, and uncomfortably creepy mannequins. To be fair, one of these was shot at BDNY's sister show, IHMRS--but the trend! It exists. Just look:

The lesson here? I guess be on the lookout for stiff, chiseled frames and blank stares in your future. I'm just hoping they don't pop up in the guest room any time soon.

And Thanksgiving! Well, not to get too personal, but we had a feast! The drinks were pouring and the Purina cat chow was flying. Buster even got to settle in for the Lions vs Packers game. (He's a Packers fan. I know, you'd never expect it.) But the relaxing didn't last for long, because then it was back to the nervous anticipation of Interior Design's 2011 Best of Year Awards.

The IAC building was filled to the brim with bright-eyed and high-hoped designers. Conversation whirred through the room. The most repeated phrase of the night? "We're all winners here." Which is true! Except for the people who lose. Those people are typically referred to as losers.

Cindy Allen added her unique brew of enthusiasm to the event, as beautifully projected displays of the nominated products beamed out from behind her. (I missed the project award portion of the night, but I assume the set up was the same.) If there's one thing Interior Design really has down, it's the branding of this event. The lightbulb motif shined bright--coincidentally paralleling the fact that the lighting categories had the stiffest competition.

Just look at these options. Really quite stunning, the lot of them. Congratulations to the winners in these and in all categories. In a world where we are all winners, you are the winniest. And that ain't bad.

And so now we bunker down for another year of planning and working and fretting, so that perhaps someday, namely at Best of Year 2012, we may finally take home that beaming lightbulb statue and feel that warm glow of validation and pride. And then the world will end shortly thereafter, and that's that. But first, probably mannequins in the guest room.

Please, PLEASE continue to stay tuned for the follow-up to Greenbuild, when I stick it to the manufacturing man and get to the bottom of sustainable product claims. I haven't lost sight of the goal and just to prove we're serious, I can tell you that we'll be utilizing the NSF International’s Product Category Rules (PCR) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to formulate our checks and balances.

Also stay tuned for maybe a 2011 recap? Maybe a holiday gift guide? Or maybe a recap of all the cliches surrounding gift guides? You'll just have to wait and see.

Until then, happy holidays!