Posted on 2/27/2013 3:09 PM by Adam

An exam room from the Arlington Free Clinic, designed by Perkins + WillIf you’ve just read our contributor Kylie Wroblaski’s article on how the Affordable Care Act (the ACA, or Obamacare) stands to influence the future of healthcare design, you know that there are lots of changes in the wings—not to mention plenty of uncertainty. (And if you haven’t already read it, what are you waiting for?)

Of course, when you’re making your pitch to a hospital administrator or executive, you can’t say “I’m not sure.” From overall design trends to new interior finishes to advancements in medical technology, healthcare designers are expected to be experts in every aspect of a healing space. In that spirit, we’ve assembled a short list of some of our most recent healthcare-related articles that can add to your knowledge base and help you in the discussions that lie ahead.

Home Sweet Hospital
Perhaps one of the most obvious (and most welcome) design movements of the past few years has been incorporating homey, organic elements into hospitals and clinics in an effort to make patients and families feel more at ease. Contributor Kylie Wroblaski traces the evolution and shares tips for incorporating more natural elements into your next project.

High-Tech Textiles
The merging of the residential and healthcare worlds wouldn’t be possible without the advent of innovative textiles that fight dirt and bacteria while still looking beautiful. And with the ACA tying hospital reimbursements to patient health and comfort, these products are finding themselves on the front lines in the war against re-admissions. Kylie Wroblaski looks at some of the newest textile introductions on the market and how you can use these super fabrics to your advantage.

Satellite Recovery
Decentralized nursing has been proven as an efficient and effective way to bring caregivers into closer and more sustained contact with patients—in theory, boosting patient satisfaction, lowering re-admission rates and improving reimbursements. It can also have a positive effect on staff morale, and as hospitals demand flexibility, decentralized nursing can help there too.

CEU: Specifying Flooring for Healthcare Environments
It goes without saying that safety and healthcare go hand in hand, but the floors in your facility can do a lot more than just prevent falls. In this continuing education article, sponsored by Flexco, learn how the proper flooring can reduce stress, improve patient outcomes and positively impact the bottom line.

Green Takes Root in Military Medicine
The Fort Belvoir Community Hospital just south of Washington, D.C. will marry evidence-based design principals with LEED building requirements, providing outstanding care for military personnel and their families. Writer Lidia Berger looks inside this new facility and at some of the innovations that will make it a world-class hospital.

Healthcare-Specific Photo Essays
Sometimes it just helps to see what others are doing. We’ve got you covered there with a range of photo essays and articles on specific facilities. Click on “Healthcare” under the “Interiors” dropdown in the navigation bar above for a list of all of our healthcare photo essays, or check out some of these selected projects:

The Los Angeles Center for Women’s Health by HMC Architects

The University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital by Tsoi/Kobus & Associates

The Methodist Hospital Outpatient Center by WHR Architects

The Arlington Free Clinic by Perkins + Will