Posted on 2/4/2013 7:28 AM by Grace Jeffers

You may have seen Elisa Strozyk’s wooden textiles already—they seem to be pinned everywhere on Pinterest these days!  Not only are they cool to look at, with their geometric drape, but they are interesting in the way they make us look at two very common materials in a whole new light. Who could have guessed that wood could “drape” anyway?


We are programmed to think of wood as a hard material—wooden textiles, half wood and half textile (both natural fibers!), challenge our presuppositions about the inherent properties of both materials. Thin wood pieces of different geometric shapes are sandwiched around a layer of woven textile, creating fabric hinge joints between each piece. The size and shape of the pieces affect the overall hand and movement of the finished piece. They are an unusual composite material; flexible rather than rigid like most composites, these textiles make you do a material double-take.


Strozyk’s wooden textiles look amazing either crumpled texturally on the end of a bed, laid flat as a carpet on the floor, or draping over a light source as a lampshade. They are classic and refined in a natural finish, and fun like a color-shape puzzle in brightly-hued dyed wood. And don’t think that textiles made of wood are for home decor only—Strozyk has branched into fashion, collaborating on a collection with Maria Bonita of both wearable items and accessories. To see more of Elisa's textiles visit