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Know Your Giraffe

Who loves animal prints? Many of us associate a crazed, crackled pattern with brown pieces separated by jagged white lines as a “giraffe pattern” but did you know that there are distinct giraffe patterns and color schemes? There are 9 subspecies of giraffe and each can be identified by their own coat pattern and colors! The most stereotypical graphic interpretation of a giraffe pattern features well defined bright orange-brown colored patches separated by bold white lines. One of the key features is the sharp edges, or overall crispness of the pattern. This pattern is distinctive of the Reticulated or Somali Giraffe. It has a coat pattern of well-defined patches that are normally a bright orange-brown color. Ironically, this most common animal print represents one of the rarest giraffe subspecies. It has been estimated that fewer than 5.000 of these creatures remain in the wild. This subspecies lives in northeastern Kenya, southern Ethiopia and Somalia. The pattern may be so familiar to ...

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There is just something about ceramics. Something intimate, something infinitely familiar. The story has it that Prometheus fashioned man out of clay and he loved his creations so much that he gave them the gift of fire. Man fires earth just as we toast bread and it becomes something magically delicious, we fire earth and it transforms into a miracle.   While walking the Coverings trade show in April I read this manifesto written by Maiarelli Studio for Ceramics of Italy and was so moved I thought I would share it here:   "We Care: A Declaration of Purpose:   We begin with what we stand on: clay and sand. We form it into slabs and fire it at volcanic temperatures. Our tile can be humble. It can be majestic. It can be shaped in an infinite number of ways. A single tile can be as large as a table, as thin as wire. It can withstand fire. It can withstand extreme conditions. It breathes with its environment. It lasts for decades. It is not merely decoration. It ...

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