10-Year-Old Helps Other Autistic Children Find Their Dragon

Drawing and design unlocks possibilities for a boy on the autism spectrum

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Grout: A Design Element?

Sponsored by Bostik

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Junxion by Dauphin

In a new monthly series, I&S staff members actually interact with the products we cover.

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Not Things ... Places

JP Labrosse, the CEO, founder, and chief designer at Stir, offers insights into what makes good places.

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Ethical Metalsmiths: Working to Eliminate the Dark Side of Jewelry

Africa produces 8.5 billion dollars in diamonds a year, yet over a million diamond miners live in poverty earning under one dollar a day.  For many, this is the equivalent of slave labor.   The demand for jewellery accounts for more than 80 percent of the gold mined currently, yet gold mining is the world’s leading cause of manmade mercury pollution, destroying the world's water and air supply.   Do you sense a disconnect here?Some of the world’s oldest and most precious commodities are acquired using methods that destroy the environment, devastate land, fish and animal species, and dismiss the human rights of workers around the globe. So what exactly is the cost of these jewels?   While many people are aware of unethical “blood diamond” mining in Africa in particular, gold mining is also especially problematic worldwide. Processing operations called heap-leaching and amalgamation use the harmful chemicals cyanide and mercury, respectively, to extract a minuscul ...

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Business Tips from Lloyd Princeton

Lloyd Princeton offers more business tips as a follow-up to his Field Notes piece in the May issue themed on the Business of Design.

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Recognize Ethical Designers with a Habitat Protection Award from PETA

This month, Grace urges PETA and designers to take one step further in partnership and stewardship.

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Sweaters: the Lusekofte of Norway

In the next few features we will examine the patterns and materials of several different traditional sweaters and see how tradition informs trends in design. Today, we’ll focus on the Lusekofte of Norway.

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Autism Design Notes (Sponsored Post: Whitepaper from Laminart)

This post is a lead-in to a sponsored story you will find published in our April issue about Lamin-Arts’ new Solid Colors collection. Towards the end of 2014, Lamin-Art published a whitepaper called Impact of Interior Design on Autistic Adults and Children. “We took a special interest in the topic after NeoCon, when we first listened to Randy Fiser, CEO of ASID, speak on the topic,” said Hans Mutzke, Design Director at Lamin-Art. “Since surfaces like laminates and veneers can create soothing atmospheres by use of color or texture, we found it critical to understand Autism Design more thoroughly.” The research they had presented in the whitepaper was such a perfect continuation of the themes from our Science of Design issue, we couldn’t resist sharing it here!

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Evidence Based Design: New Frontiers in EBD Research (Part 4)

In the fourth and final installment of her series, Dr. Nicola Davies explores new frontiers in EBD, as neurological and psychological research into human behaviour—aided by modern techniques measuring heart rate, skin conductance, and eye-tracking—provide for more accurate engineering of built spaces that promote certain behaviours while preventing others.

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