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Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Metrolina Regional Scholar’s Academy opened its doors in September 2010 as a charter school for highly gifted children. Previously a call center, the vacant building was purchased by the Academy for its central location. In this new location, they desired a sustainable story, easy maintenance and creative coloring to increase the organization of the school’s layout. The design team at Little turned to Johnsonite for solutions.


Silk Plants. Cheap, assembly line, fake imitations of Mother Nature’s beautiful plants which will be placed in some corner of home or office décor. This statement would have been an agreeable one, some 20 years back, but in the current scenario, this is not at all the case.


Critical Power helps companies attain the right equipment to protect assets during emergency


A great place to start taking control of your business energy use is with an on-site energy assessment.


A Versatile Vehicle for Commercial and Industrial Applications


Facility owners and managers can benefit from understanding the basics of choosing and using portable air conditioning or “spot coolers” for a slew of applications.


Solutia Performance Films recently launched a new architectural window film with the brand-name EnerLogic™. Unlike most window films, that produce savings only during the cooling season, EnerLogic window film is an all-season, low-emissivity (low-e) film that produces both cooling and heating season savings.


The results from a recently completed Life Cycle Assessment study conclude that Solutia’s Performance Films’ products deliver a positive impact for the environment.

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