Meet Our 2015 Finalists!


It’s about that time again. Warm up your digits and get ready to vote for the 2015 I Like Design competition finalists. This year we had more submissions than ever at 119 entries!


The following 10 superstars were chosen by a jury of Studio 3877 principals and I&S editors. After a few years, you probably know the drill, but just in case you don’t…



Each week the student with the least amount of votes will be removed from the competition. Finalists are encouraged to spread the word about their work using some of the best promotional tools available to them today: social media! So look for some creative marketing campaigns to come your way from them. Here they are, in no particular order:


1. Abbi Johnson
2. Allison Kalder
3. Caitlyn Carr
4. Camila Molina
5. Candace Clifford
6. Christina Tuong
7. Hunter Van Bramer
8. Kathleen Scheer
9. Kristen Eyler
10. Lauren Funk


The submissions you see when you click on their names were in response to the challenge posed below. Voting will continue for the next eight weeks. Last student standing will win a paid summer internship with Studio 3877 in Washington D.C. AND paid housing and costs for the duration of it!


Good luck to all our amazing finalists. Check back here each week to see who is still in the running.


Challenge: Design the 21st-Century Lobby


Contemporary hotels are defining and redefining who their guests are at an alarming rate. Billions have been spent categorizing end users. Baby Boomers paved the way for GenX who led to GenY and now Millennials. Each group consists of specific age demographics who have specific needs and specific desires, but who are these people? Has the need to classify people and subsequently design for a larger cross section of humanity led us to design for no one in particular? Have we become so obsessed with cliché labels that our introverted, reserved, contemplative spaces are screaming at our collaborating, communicating, cooperating spaces to join them in spatial harmony? Has our technological tunnel vision led us to forget that the root of the travel experience is people? Real, live, breathing people?


For every traveler, there is a travel / hotel / airline / auto rental website going online every second. These travelers have choices on where and how to spend their hard-earned money.


Hotels are realizing that the big-chain mentality has passed and consumers want unique travel experiences. As a result, the large cross section of mid-tier hotels are adapting to feel more boutique and personal.


We believe that this is just the beginning of a holistic travel experience overhaul that is bubbling to the design surface. In this design challenge, we want you to redefine the hotel lobby beyond reception, restaurant, bar, and lounge. We want you to extend the hotel out into the city and bring the urban condition in. We want you to create the next great lobby concept.

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