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It was a landmark year for I Like Design. We had more than 75 entries, making it harder than ever to narrow it down to just a few finalists to feature here. But we’ve finally been able to pick out these seven stand-outs who really blew everyone away with their submissions. Click on their links below to meet them, take a look at their responses to the challenge below, and of course vote for your favorites!


Vote as often as you’d like to keep your favorite student in the running. Whomever has the least amount of votes come Monday (April 7) will be removed from the competition so use your social media savvy to spread the word!


Good luck to all our talented finalists!


Angie Ngoc

Kate Fisher

Calvin Cheng

Shanmagu Selvaraj


The Challenge


The City of the Future: Evolution of the Retail Experience


With the integration of digital technology in our everyday lives increasing, our virtual and physical worlds are merging. Traditional barriers and institutions are beginning to dissolve, and a new creative landscape is emerging that allows people to interact with physical spaces in new and unexpected ways. Your task in this competition is to reimagine a New York City retail experience. In a time when consumers are able to purchase merchandise from anywhere using mobile phones and other devices, what will happen to the physical spaces that once served as the center of all commercial transactions? What will the street experience become? How will it change the fabric of our city life? The challenge is to reimagine the retail experience for a single brand within the context of New York City. Walk us through the customer experience and various touch points of the store, with a focus on how the physical space will change as a result of new digital technologies.



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