EnvironDesign Notebook


The words, "shopping responsibly" take on a whole new meaning when the environment comes into play.

By Keri Luly, LEED AP


Making improvements in production is vital but we can't forget about the post-consumption phase.

By Keri Luly, LEED AP


Assessing the sustainability of products and materials is trending toward a quantitative approach.

By Carol Derby


Clarifying and demystifying product emissions testing.

By Keri Luly, LEED AP


Continuing the discussion about how chemicals impact our health and what we can do about it.

By Keri Luly, LEED AP


A clarification of the terminology surrounding synthetic and organic chemicals and a closer look at how they affect the built environment.


By Scot Case

Greenwashing is still prevalent and savvy purchasers should know how to spot environmental claims that are meaningless. 


By Keri Luly, LEED AP

One landmark Chicago building is taking steps necessary to achieve LEED certification.


By Keri Luly

A closer look at the benefits, complexities and limitations surrounding Life Cycle Assessment.

By Heather Clark

Whether it's a lack of knowledge in the industry or a lack of motivation to change, the full potential of sustainable furniture has not been recognized.

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