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EnvironDesign Notebook


Economic recovery for the A&D industry will warrant a new approach—one that takes the everyday office project and connects it to a global economy.

While the majority of environmental improvements are seldom humorous, success stories are becoming more frequent—possibly indicating a more serious global dedication to sustainable initiatives.

A look at how technology was able to speed up one firm’s workflow while reducing its carbon footprint.


Navigating the course of green building standards and VOC compliance is an evolving process.


If you’re looking for a simplistic way to absorb tons of carbon dioxide while also reducing energy consumption, the answer may already be standing in your own back yard.

To honor the anniversary of Earth Day, some pertinent resources and various pearls of wisdom come to mind.

With green building on the rise, green chemicals are getting a foothold in today’s designs.

Sample libraries are still an important resource for A&D firms, but there are ways to minimize their environmental impact.

LEED credits contribute to the expanding practice of installing carbon dioxide sensors in occupied spaces.


Community efforts are making headway to improve sustainability on local levels, but what needs to be done to solve our global challenges?

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