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Education doesn’t end with a degree, but for those young designers looking to the job market for the first time, here are some tips to get started in the right direction.

The design industry has always evolved, but a recession and a new (unemployed) generation of workers have reshaped the landscape in less than a decade.

Charged with rebranding, renovating and redesigning the flagship Best Western President Hotel in New York City, Stonehill & Taylor Architects created a design narrative inspired by the American presidency, bipartisan politics and the energy of Times Square.

Travel has the ability to expose designers to the commonalities and differences in design cultures around the globe.

As the link between effective design and improved patient outcomes becomes clearer, health care design professionals have suddenly found themselves at the forefront of the industry.

A successful mentorship program is a key strategy that firms need to employ to help the next generation of designers reach their full potential.

Even in failure, there is success. Finding the bright spot and celebrating it is the key.
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