IIDA Bulletin

IIDA Bulletin

IIDA members and experts discuss the trends influencing art in interior design.

New design trends in airports, hotels, and coworking spaces appeal to remote and traveling workers

Three award-winning interiors bring the outside in.

IIDA members offer advice for utilizing technology in projects

Backlash to open offices doesn't mean the trend is wrong, just that we need more variety

Your legacy is more than just your design, it's how you help the next generation rise to the occasion

The IIDA Leaders Breakfast: then and now

"The artist in me cries out for design." - Robert Frost

We interrupt this program to bring you the state of design

A design student and practitioner weigh in on what the future of interiors will look like.

Design can reinforce an organization's vision while supporting wellness and engagement

Making the connection between design and the bottom line is essential for client satisfaction

IIDA asked members how they stay creative and inspired

The impact successful mentorship can have on future designers is life-changing

Personal connection to a space is often the unspoken detail that makes design successful

Interior designers are frustrated and they’re ready to do something about it.

As 2014 closes, we've been thinking a lot about the future at IIDA in terms of how the Association can evolve to meet the design community's needs.

Julio Braga takes a look at Latin America, a location that has yet to fully define itself.

Forget punch lines: improvisation is a vital tool in the everyday life of the interior designer. Here’s how to leverage it.

Businesses must rely on more than physical space to succeed—and three universal truths of good design can help them achieve profitability.

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