IIDA Executive Vice President and CEO Cheryl S. Durst explains the mindset behind one of the most active segments of commercial design.

IIDA Student Members offer insight into what’s next for design.

Creating an in-store experience through design elements helps brands tell a compelling story to connect consumers to the products on display.

IIDA predicts next steps for the group and the design industry overall in 2017 … and beyond.

The IIDA Advocacy Symposium encourages designers to define the profession and shift public perception.

Design Leveraged study confirms the link between design and behavior.

Academics share their insights on how to prepare the next generation of designers.

Designers are pushing creative boundaries with momentary spaces.

IIDA members and experts discuss the trends influencing art in interior design.

New design trends in airports, hotels, and coworking spaces appeal to remote and traveling workers

Three award-winning interiors bring the outside in.

IIDA members offer advice for utilizing technology in projects

Backlash to open offices doesn't mean the trend is wrong, just that we need more variety

Your legacy is more than just your design, it's how you help the next generation rise to the occasion

The IIDA Leaders Breakfast: then and now

"The artist in me cries out for design." - Robert Frost

We interrupt this program to bring you the state of design

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