The healthcare design industry does its part to improve patient outcomes by bringing a touch of home into the hospital.

The USGBC's new App Lab puts the power of LEED Online into the hands of designers, architects and facility professionals everywhere.

A (quiet) revolution in the building materials industry is slowly peeling back the layers of opacity surrounding these products and helping designers to build healthier spaces.

As the GSA works to save energy and lower costs in government buildings, designers and architects will need to focus on creating sustainable, collaborative spaces with a minimum of pieces.

A self-avowed “radical industrialist,” Anderson helped propel the concept of sustainable business into the mainstream more than two decades after founding Interface.

The ANSI/BIFMA level® standard is the office furniture industry's first comprehensive, holistic certification program. We take a look at the effect it is having on the industry today, and will likely have in the future.

The design and construction of Green Building Services’ new LEED Platinum space teaches lessons on what to do—and not do—as the process gets underway.

Green teams can help A&D professionals deliver increased value—here are five steps to assembling your green dream team.

Proper daylight harvesting can reduce the need for elecrically-supplied lighting during daytime periods.

By facilitating communication between landlords, tenants and property managers, designers can ensure their sustainable spaces don't underperform.

High levels of VOCs are unnecessary—even preventable—in today's interior environments.

Economic recovery for the A&D industry will warrant a new approach—one that takes the everyday office project and connects it to a global economy.

While the majority of environmental improvements are seldom humorous, success stories are becoming more frequent—possibly indicating a more serious global dedication to sustainable initiatives.

A look at how technology was able to speed up one firm’s workflow while reducing its carbon footprint.

Navigating the course of green building standards and VOC compliance is an evolving process.

If you’re looking for a simplistic way to absorb tons of carbon dioxide while also reducing energy consumption, the answer may already be standing in your own back yard.

To honor the anniversary of Earth Day, some pertinent resources and various pearls of wisdom come to mind.

With green building on the rise, green chemicals are getting a foothold in today’s designs.

Sample libraries are still an important resource for A&D firms, but there are ways to minimize their environmental impact.
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