We give you an exclusive preview of the most innovative products that will be making their debut at the annual NeoCon show in June.

We distill 10 material breakthroughs in surfacing, textiles, and flooring down to their most important points, so you can specify the latest and greatest, and then get on with your life.

The coming publication of new design guidelines that support person-centered care is exciting news for the healthcare design industry.

True sustainability means understanding the supply chain behind a product and how it impacts both producers and users. Here’s how tropical woods fit into the sustainability puzzle.

Innovative healthcare design is no longer about a single patient or space; it’s about providing for the future needs of an entire community.

Each year, we see so many great projects cross our desks, it can be a challenge to find room for them all. Before we close out 2013, here are our editors’ favorite projects the year simply wouldn't be complete without.

The votes have been tallied and you have spoken! We unveil the winners of Interiors & Sources’ fifth-annual Readers’ Choice Awards.

The teams that create our healthcare environments are expanding, and that presents a golden opportunity for designers to help reshape communities everywhere.

New developments in product transparency promise to help healthcare designers better evaluate and specify sustainable products.

Here are some industry stand-outs who are pushing the bounds of what’s possible interiors, branding, art and product design.

We picked six of our favorite sustainable products that truly exceed expectations in sustainable manufacturing—but we’re just scratching the surface.

Our fifth installment of this annual feature examines a variety of outstanding LEED projects, all of which exemplify excellence in sustainable commercial interior design and architecture.

If you’ve been taking eco-labels for their word, it might be time to re-evaluate your process for finding and specifying sustainable products.

BIFMA’s level program helps international designers make quick work out of specifying LEED-contributing products abroad.

In a post-recession world it seems philanthropic design is here to stay, and business is booming.

A lighting retrofit can reduce energy consumption, improve working conditions and make businesses more attractive to consumers. Here are some tips to help make your next retrofit more successful.

With many schools racing to update their technology portfolios, upgrading the learning environment has taken a back seat. Here’s how you can bring some excitement back to the classroom without an iPad or smartphone.

When it comes to sustainable design, there are still plenty of clients who don’t think it’s worth their time. Here are some suggestions for dispelling five commonly held green myths.

The open office paradigm has moved the focus from “me” spaces to “we” spaces, but new insights into how we work emphasize the need for balance.

Thematic art programming in hospitality interiors has given way to a regionalized approach that celebrates an area’s unique history and showcases its artists. Here’s what you need to know.
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