ASID Update

It's being put on by ASID and IDC

ASID's annual Industry Outlook reveals the fastest moving trends influencing the future of interior design.

The American Society of Interior Designers recently held events in our nation's capital

Four recipients earned distinctions

Green Notes

A simple question about the future of our planet has sparked serious debate; we offer an explanation as to why it should be over already.

Stuart Kaplow, ESQ. builds his clients much-needed roadmaps through the confusing world of sustainable building.

An art program that cuts waste and reduces environmental damage can be as beautiful as it is sustainable. Here’s how.

The global sustainability movement has gained some fashionable allies as of late, but the A&D community still has a leadership role to play.

IIDA Bulletin

Save these dates!

The impact successful mentorship can have on future designers is life-changing

Personal connection to a space is often the unspoken detail that makes design successful

It has joined nonprofit organization Be Original Americas


We give you an exclusive preview of the most innovative products that will be making their debut at the annual NeoCon show in June.

We distill 10 material breakthroughs in surfacing, textiles, and flooring down to their most important points, so you can specify the latest and greatest, and then get on with your life.

The coming publication of new design guidelines that support person-centered care is exciting news for the healthcare design industry.

True sustainability means understanding the supply chain behind a product and how it impacts both producers and users. Here’s how tropical woods fit into the sustainability puzzle.
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