ASID Update

ASID Update

The rise of international travel and the arrival of the smartphone are driving new trends in hospitality design; here’s how you can keep up.

Technology and globalization may be shrinking the world, but opportunities for designers to impact the human experience continue to multiply.

Emerging technologies can help communicate the value of interior design and drum up new business—here’s how to put them to work for you.

As the business climate continues to change, adapting to new models and uncovering market niches are more important than ever.

Building on existing relationships, expanding collaborative opportunities and developing innovative strategies to communicate the impact of interior design will be key drivers for the future.

As the interiors profession heads into the future, designers everywhere must develop a mindset focused around professional and social leadership.

Incoming National President Barbara Marini explores how designers can leverage technology, innovation and communication to enhance the value of inteior design.

A recent survey by ASID reveals that emerging professionals are enthusiastic and ready to work, but finding few opportunities in the interior design industry.

Steve Jobs taught us about focusing our efforts, taking responsibility for an end product and using our intuition to better serve the customer -- all valuable lessons for the design industry.

As more data comes in, things are appearing to look up for the interior design industry in 2012 -- but can the trend continue?

Even in today's challenging business climate, there remain real opportunities for motivated designers willing to step outside the box.

From deregulation to new tax policies surrounding sustainable design, the 2012 ASID Legislative Symposium discussed the profession’s recent legal victories and charted a policy course for the future.

The field of green design is full of business opportunities for interior designers willing to learn some new skills and think outside the box.

As traditional interior design opportunities remain elusive for Generation Y, many are looking to set out on their own. Here’s how established designers can help.

A new Associate Membership will open ASID's doors for professionals with non-traditional backgrounds, but the organization's mission remains the same.

A new report says the interior design profession must become better at quantifying and communicating the improved outcomes of specific design solutions.

Although no one knows exactly what the future holds, a new report spells out some of the things designers can expect in the coming years.

What does the future hold for the interior design profession when it can’t even agree on a definition?

As the design industry continues to change, leadership will play a vital role in the future of the interiors profession.

There are numerous barriers within and outside of the interior design profession, but design becomes limitless when we accept change.
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