ASID Update

ASID Update

Forging the inextricable link.

With an expanse of information and resources, getting involved is easier and more important than ever

The artisanal design trend imbues our profession with growth and hope.


Embrace and engage with tools and each other

Sandy Gordon reflects on how to tackle our work in the future when the only constant is change

At its 40th anniversary, ASID considers how far it's come and where it's going

How can you make smarter decisions that drive this principle?

The impact of art on the human experience runs much deeper than mere surface appeal

Complex problems require interdisciplinary solutions

ASID's annual Industry Outlook reveals the fastest moving trends influencing the future of interior design.

As we look back on the historical relationship between design and culture, ASID Annual Awards winners are shaping the future

Building knowledge of the profession helps designers grow their businesses

When designing spaces, focus not on how they can be filled but how they can be fulfilling 

Residential learning communities enhance the student experience

As the lines between the spaces we occupy continue to blur, designers should take a lesson from the marketplace

Funny how time flies when you’re getting things done.

Sustainable design is here to stay, but how do we make it better?

Stephanie Clemons, board chair at ASID, talks about the importance of research as the interior design industry is poised for more substantial growth.

ASID is partnering with the Clinton Global Initiative to help designers specify safer materials and furnishings—and create healthier spaces as a result.

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