Interior design programs are equipping future professionals with the tools they need to stay afloat in an ever-changing industry. 

The ASID and IDC Impact Summit gives an inspiring look into the role of design in cultural assimilation and the establishment of diverse communities.

While aesthetics and function are top priority in a project, the materials selected embody the true essence of interior design.

An increasing appreciation for artisanship has emerged from the general desire for authentic, personalized experiences.

The limitless possibilities with build-your-own goods and products can be overwhelming—that’s where design professionals come in.

The growth of urban areas can help inhabitants commingle and find a collective purpose.

While the future of design technology has arrived, the work of human minds cannot be replaced.

The experience of interior design continues to evolve with the progression of generations and their needs.

Acting within communities now reaches far beyond what is local geographically.

Legislation often affects the design community, whether we recognize it or not.

Fashion and interiors help tell the story of who we are.

Research is the foundation upon which successful businesses and healthy environments are built.

Forging the inextricable link.

With an expanse of information and resources, getting involved is easier and more important than ever

The artisanal design trend imbues our profession with growth and hope.


Embrace and engage with tools and each other

Sandy Gordon reflects on how to tackle our work in the future when the only constant is change

At its 40th anniversary, ASID considers how far it's come and where it's going

How can you make smarter decisions that drive this principle?

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