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Aquatherm Greenpipe
919 w 500 N
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For over 35 years, Germany-based Aquatherm’s energy efficient and environmentally friendly piping systems have been proven in applications around the globe. Now Aquatherm Greenpipe® (potable water), Climatherm (HVAC), and Lilac (reclaimed water) are deployed throughout North America.

A simple heat fusion welding process is at the core of the company’s product line: Properly executed fusion welds can last a lifetime and two pieces becoming one virtually eradicates leaks while also eliminating the need for toxic materials and open flames from piping installations.

The rust-free and corrosion-resistant material used in the piping systems offers a natural insulation value of R-1, thermal expansion rates similar to copper, and excellent flow qualities – translating into energy savings – while the fusion process provides cost and labor savings.

Aquatherm comes in pipe dimensions ranging from 3/8" to 12" (equivalent) and provides an extremely attractive alternative to metal and plastic in potable, hot- and cold-water distribution, water service, chilled water, condensing water, and radiant heating applications, among others. Switch to Aquatherm and find out why we’re the fastest growing piping system in North America!

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