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Product Q&A
I am Beyond, a movable, frameless glass wall system, and I live up to my name in many ways.
I am X-Static, an effective and safe soft surface antimicrobial solution designed for demanding healthcare environments.

Hola! Mi nombre es el Silestone Bath Collection.

I’m Flock, and I provide solutions for collaborative spaces.

I am Eleven, OFS’ latest furniture platform for open, private and collaborative spaces; designed in Switzerland, ready for the world.


I’m Haiku® Bamboo, the most efficient small ceiling fan. I was born in a place where industrial heritage meets impeccable style--the Big Ass Fan Company.


My name is L16, and I am a super sleek door collection designed by Piero Lissoni for Lualdi Porte.

I’m CG_1, designed by Cory Grosser for Coalesse, and I am available with both painted aluminum and wood frames, so any combination is an option.
I’m Amtico, a brand of luxury vinyl flooring that mimics everything from rare wood to exotic stone.

I'm Ciji, and I offer a vibrant statement of design flexibility: my clean, timeless style provides just the right solution to blend with nearly any design.

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