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Product Q&A
Permit me to introduce myself: I am Prince of Green Hides Leather Studio, and I am a prince among leathers. Learn my full story inside.
We are the Jacco Maris Collection, a group of lights that turn illumination into works of art. 
I’m Flavors Noodle Chair, and I help students concentrate throughout the day because my seat tilts along with their movements.
I am Quarry, and I was conceived as a simplified version of a rock quarry by Leland International.
I am KOHLER Colors featuring Jonathan Adler, four special-edition hues on six enameled cast iron kitchen and bath sinks.
We are a collection of handmade tiles that can turn any mundane surface into a work of art.
I am called Rollglass, and in my humble opinion, I am one of the world’s most beautiful frameless interior sliding glass door systems.
We are Form Pendant lamps, designed by Form Us With Love for Design House Stockholm, and love to be with our other family members.
I am Beyond, a movable, frameless glass wall system, and I live up to my name in many ways.
I am X-Static, an effective and safe soft surface antimicrobial solution designed for demanding healthcare environments.
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