Product Q&A

It doesn’t get much sexier than this—the BeveLED Mini from USAI Lighting.

I'm the Serous Bar Stool from, and I've been a bit of viral celebrity as of late. Learn my full story inside.
I'm Humphrey, these are my barnyard pals, and we’re changing the face of children’s play areas with our larger-than life personas. Learn our story inside.
I am the Premiere Collection from Designtex, and I'm basically a cross between digital printing technologies and a non-vinyl substrate. Learn my full story inside.
I'm Ongo, a new work stool from Neutral Posture designed to to provide a healthy and comfortable way to sit while working. Learn my full story inside.
I'm Tilt, and have a whimsical, colorful exterior persona of plastic, but inside I’m a pillar of strong, expanding foam. Learn my full story here.
I am a curvaceous dividing screen from the mind and world of Jacques Jarrige, based in Paris. Learn my full story here.
I’m a new series of antimicrobial hardware from the fine folks at Rocky Mountain. Learn my full story inside. 
Permit me to introduce myself: I am Prince of Green Hides Leather Studio, and I am a prince among leathers. Learn my full story inside.
We are the Jacco Maris Collection, a group of lights that turn illumination into works of art. 
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