New Web-Based Tool Allows Users to Create Customized Chairs


New Web-Based Tool Allows Users to Create Customized Chairs

New SitOnIt Seating ChairBuilder tool is designed for mobile use

New Web-Based Tool Allows Users to Create Customized Chairs

SitOnIt Seating has rolled out a new web-based tool that allows users to create customized chairs.

SitOnIt Seating has developed an online quote generator designed to specify and visualize chairs on the go or on the spot. With ChairBuilder, users can produce a list price—complete with part number—with several easy clicks.

The website is optimized for iPad and other mobile devices.

“We believe our new ChairBuilder tool is the best online configuration tool in the industry, which was our goal” said Paul DeVries, CEO and cofounder of SitOnIt Seating. “It allows the user to participate in the build process and create a custom chair in just a few clicks. It’s fast, fun to use, and enables the user to create a visually appealing product spec sheet in a matter of moments. We’re always looking for ways to be easier to do business with and save our customers time while enabling them to add more value to the sales process; this tool definitely delivers on that goal”.

Quoting Tool

ChairBuilder users can choose from all chair features and options, clearly seeing the cost of each selection. The tool makes it impossible to make an incompatible choice or select an unavailable option.

All carded fabrics can be searched and selected with a color swatch displayed on the screen for verification. The price includes the selected fabric grade. Once selected, the fabric is rendered on the chair for an accurate look at the finished product. In addition to list price, the full part number is displayed for easy ordering.

“Printed price books are complicated and can require significant time to configure a spec and generate a quote.” says Robert Morris, director of online marketing for Exemplis. “Frequently, it can take hours or days to respond to an RFQ. ChairBuilder is fast, easy, and designed for tablet use so the quote can be made anytime, anywhere: from the road, the customer’s location, or at home after hours.”

Marketing Tool

Online configurators are not all the same. Some are positioned as a consumer tool and don't meet the needs of professionals. Other sites can configure a chair, but with limited options and/or textile choices. Many web-based tools cannot even deliver a visual image that matches the selections. Only ChairBuilder allows the user to generate a visual image, list price quote, and part number for any chair configuration, along with a number of useful presentation aids:

  • Accurate, high resolution front and back images of the specified chair
  • A custom two-page product summary with textile swatch
  • Dealer contact information and comments
  • Download and save, or email a link

ChairBuilder is designed to assist SitOnIt Seating sales reps, dealers, project managers, and the A&D community.


The initial phase of the website is live now, and includes the Focus, Torsa, Amplify, and Wit collections. All models and all options are available for selection. More collections from the SitOnIt Seating portfolio will be available in the coming months. 


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