CELEBRATE Fundraiser Set for May 11


CELEBRATE Fundraiser Set for May 11

Annual fundraiser for LA design museum to feature one-of-a-kind carry-ons from renowned artists

  • Piknik by Karim Rashid

    Piknik by Karim Rashid


    A sketch for Karim Rashid's "Piknik", which is designed to hold all of the pieces needed for a picnic. Sketch courtesy of Karim Rashid. View larger

    Piknik by Karim Rashid
  • Green Piknik by Karim Rashid

    Green Piknik by Karim Rashid


    A green version of Karim Rashid's "Piknik"--the pink prototype will be shown at the fundraiser. Image courtesy of Karim Rashid. View larger

    Green Piknik by Karim Rashid
  • "N0CASE" by Hodgetts + Fung

    "N0CASE" by Hodgetts + Fung


    "N0CASE", designed by Hodgetts + Fung, is intended to serve as a mobile design kit made of "vinyl welding safety screen, DayGlo fluorescent shoelaces and a playful sensibility." Sketch courtesy of Hodgetts + Fung. View larger

  • Bag-ette by Steven Erlich

    Bag-ette by Steven Erlich


    Steven Ehrlich's "Bag-ette" is a leather messenger-style pouch designed to create "a movable feast." Courtesy of Steven Ehrlich. View larger

    Bag-ette by Steven Erlich

The A+D Architecture and Design Museum in Los Angeles (A+D) is celebrating its 12th year of progressive architecture and design programs with its annual fundraiser, “CELEBRATE: THE JOURNEY,” on Saturday, May 11, from 7:00-11:00 p.m.

The evening will feature a runway presentation of one-of-a-kind carry-ons—suitcases, vintage train cases, modern day satchels, futuristic jetpaks and more—designed and imagined by world-renowned artists, architects and designers, including Richard Meier, Steven Ehrlich, Dan Meis, Mehrdad Yazdani, Craig Hodgetts of Hodgetts + Fung, and Christobal Valecillos.

The donated pieces will be auctioned that evening, with all proceeds benefiting the museum. An extensive silent auction will also take place during the evening. The festivities will also include a live DJ, open bar and food from around the globe.

“We cannot wait to see what our design leaders and creative thinkers from around the world bring to this,” says Museum Executive Director Tibbie Dunbar. “We are so fortunate to have the kind of participation that will help us continue to offer the region high-quality exhibitions and events that explore and celebrate how design touches our daily lives.”

For additional information on the A+D Museum and CELEBRATE, please visit the museum's website.


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