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New contract offerings from Global, Sloan, Camira Fabrics and more!

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Rhapsody in Blue - BRAND VAN EGMOND
Rhapsody in Blue by Brand Van Egmond was created to capture the jungle of raw life in a framework of straight architectural lines.
Ballara - GLOBAL
Ballara by Global is an all-inclusive, modular furniture series which integrates soft seating, tables, tablet work surfaces and power capabilities.
BASYS Sensor Faucet Line - SLOAN
Sloan's new BASYS platform of five modular, sensor-activated faucets emphasizes functionality, interchangeable components and improved serviceability.
Camira's latest designer upholstery fabric brings a contemporary twist to a 25-year-old traditional product that has come full circle.
Reclaimed Snowfence Boards - CENTENNIAL WOODS
Centennial Woods reclaims weathered Wyoming snowfence boards for use in a variety of exterior and interior applications.
Stonclad G2 - STONHARD
Stonhard’s polyurethane mortar system incorporates post-industrial recycled glass and rapidly-renewable materials into its composition.
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Weave Art - Moz Designs
Roc Collection - AMERICH
E 4000 Seating System - SEDIA SYSTEMS
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