Desking from Three H, wall coverings from Carnegie and more!


Desking from Three H, wall coverings from Carnegie and more!

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Create Office Platform - THREE H
The Create Office Platform from Three H is an integrated desking system built around four conceptual applications.
The circular design element repeated in bands of off and on commands allows the Off & On pattern from HBF Textiles to come to life.
Keilhauer's Scamper
Camille from Beaufurn uses only three seating pieces and one ottoman to produce modern seating for two or 20.
Classique - CARNEGIE
Classique, one of three additions to Carnegie’s Luxe wall covering collection, combines traditional elements with a modern twist to cultivate a luxurious aesthetic.
Discocó - MARSET
The Discocó range of fixtures from Marset provides suggestive, exuberant lighting in any space.
Apsley House - MILLIKEN
Influenced by the interior architecture of Robert Adams, Apsley House from Milliken blends overscale damask details with silhouettes to achieve flowing lines and icons.
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Trea Chair - Humanscale
Silestone LIFE! Series - COSENTINO
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