Scenes from NeoCon 2011


Scenes from NeoCon 2011

  • Mast by Magnusson for Teknion


    Carl Magnusson talks about "Mast," his new monitor arm for Teknion. View larger

    Mast by Magnusson for Teknion
  • @TheAdamMoore at Steelcase


    @TheAdamMoore tweeting furiously in the Steelcase showroom Sunday night, June 12. View larger

    @TheAdamMoore at Steelcase
  • Sean Corcorran of Steelcase


    Steelcase's Sean Corcorran talks to I&S editors Adam Moore and Robert Nieminen about Polyvision's educational solutions and the research behind it. View larger

    Sean Corcorran of Steelcase
  • Herman Miller's plug-in stations on floor one, Merchandise Mart


    Need to recharge or unwind at any point during the show? Head down to floor one and take advantage of Herman Miller's plug-in stations. View larger

    Herman Miller's plug-in stations on floor one, Merchandise Mart
  • Nurture's Pocket tablet gallery


    Nurture by Steelcase is changing the face of modern day healthcare. Check them out on floor 3-101. Here's a shot of their Pocket tablet cart gallery. View larger

    Nurture's Pocket tablet gallery
  • InterfaceFLOR showroom


    InterfaceFLOR is asking it's guests to "Make their Mark" on their showroom. Literally. Stop by 10-121 to do just that. View larger

    InterfaceFLOR showroom
  • CF Stinson's Day Dream Collection


    Glenn Stinson proudly displays CF Stinson's new Day Dream Collection, Sunbrella's first ever indoor healthcare collection. View larger

    CF Stinson's Day Dream Collection
  • Joel Berman Glass' Big series


    Joel Berman of Joel Berman Glass stands proudly in front of the "Big" series of 3D clear glass. View larger

    Joel Berman Glass' Big series
  • Tangent for Loewentstein designers


    AI3 designers Lucy Aiken-Johnson and Patrick Johnson, creators of the endlessly configurable Tangent sit on their new introduction for Loewenstein. View larger

    Tangent for Loewentstein designers
  • Commons seating from Carolina


    Carolina brand introduces Commons, developed by Michael Shields. The products is adaptable to the architecture of any space. View larger

    Commons seating from Carolina
  • I&S materials pavilion


    One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong! Can you pick out which piece on this table on the Interiors & Sources Materials Pavilion on the 8th floor doesn't belong with its high end brothers and sisters? View larger

    I&S materials pavilion
  • TMC kids wall murals


    TMC Furniture has an adorable kids' line that now includes wooden wall murals such as these trees displayed at their booth 8-6102. View larger

    TMC kids wall murals
  • Roger Thomas lighting for Boyd


    Roger Thomas has brought his love for experiential design to Boyd Lighting. Here he is in front of his Ormolu and Regent (left)models. View larger

    Roger Thomas lighting for Boyd
  • Interiors of Spain party


    Interiors of Spain is also making its presence known this year and celebrated with a little cocktail party to promote the Ofifran and Actiu brands. View larger

    Interiors of Spain party
  • Sedia System's new permanent showroom


    Sedia Systems celebrated its new permanent space on 11-121. View larger

    Sedia System's new permanent showroom
  • Dauphin showroom


    Dauphin serenaded guests with a three piece band on the third floor late Monday afternoon. View larger

    Dauphin showroom
  • Dauphin giveaway


    The winner of a trip to South Africa is congratulated by Dauphin owners at their afternoon cocktail reception. View larger

    Dauphin giveaway
  • Bentley Prince Street Silver Screen collection


    Bentley Prince Street's Silver Screen Collection is Oscar-worthy! View larger

    Bentley Prince Street Silver Screen collection
  • Johnsonite sustainability wall


    Stop by Johnsonite to play with their interactive sustainability wall and learn more about their products at booth 8-4080. View larger

    Johnsonite sustainability wall
  • Crossville mixology line


    Crossville's Mixology metal tiles will hit the market at the end of this month! The molds are cast by real artists. View larger

    Crossville mixology line

CHICAGO--NeoCon World's Trade Fair 2011 at Chicago's Merchandise Mart kicked off with a great deal of enthusiasm, product introductions, collaborations, music and of course food and drinks! Here are a few scenes from pre-show events, Day 1, and the first round of exhibitor parties!

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