Event: Elements of Green Leases
Elements of Green Leases
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Speakers: Karen Penafiel, Vice President, Advocacy Division, BOMA, Mychele Lord, founder of LORD Green Real Estate Strategies, Sean Ivery, Director, Navigant Consulting and Marc Heisterkamp, Manager of Corporate & Investment Real Estate, U.S. Green Building Council.

(featuring Mychele Lord & Sean C. Ivery in collaboration with USGBC)

The term green lease is often spoken in conversations regarding office buildings, yet it's a term without a real definition. Some believe you can "green" a lease by adding language to stipulate product requirements and construction practices. While that may give a lease a green touch, it's not enough to make a green lease. To truly create a green lease, we must rethink the basic systems and components of today's office lease and prepare to address the leasing demand of sustainable buildings penetrating the commercial real estate industry.

Learn more about executing a green lease with BOMA's newest publication, Guide to Writing a Commercial Real Estate Lease, Including Green Lease Language, the definitive resource for anyone involved in negotiating and executing a commercial building lease transaction. The Green Lease Guide shows you how to modify the lease terms to maintain an energy efficient and sustainable building operation. It includes enforceable tenant responsibilities; pass-through provisions; and green certification notations for ENERGY STARĀ®, LEED and GBI rating points. Plus, hundreds of easy-to-read footnotes provide answers and suggestions to the toughest lease clauses. Order your BOMA Green Lease Guide today.

Learning Objectives
  • Define the critical attributes of a green lease
  • Identify the fundamental components of a green lease
  • Create and customize a green lease of your own
  • Implement best practices in lighting and cleaning processes
  • Effectively enforce green lease provisions
  • Communicate green lease stipulations with your tenants
In Collaboration

Karen Penafiel,  CAE joined the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International in December, 1989 and currently serves as Vice President of the advocacy division. Karen has taken the lead on energy and sustainability issues for BOMA for the past decade and is currently leading the association's market transformation efforts, while helping to develop BOMA's Green Lease Guide.

Mychele Lord is the founder of LORD Green Real Estate Strategies, a consulting firm designed specifically to meet the sustainability needs of the real estate industry. A 22-year veteran of the commercial real estate investment community and pioneer in EPA's ENERGY STARĀ© and the USGBC's LEED for Existing Buildings Rating System, Mychele brings a practical approach to greening existing real estate portfolios.

Sean Ivery is a Director at Navigant Consulting with nearly 15 years of consulting experience to both owners and users of real estate. Prior to joining Navigant Consulting, Mr. Ivery was a principal of his own specialized real estate and project management consultancy and previously a senior manager at the real estate advisory practice at Ernst & Young LLP.

Marc Heisterkamp is the Manager, Corporate & Investment Real Estate at U.S. Green Building Council. Marc works closely with industry leaders and major associations to increase the knowledge, financial incentives, and implementation of green building across a broad array of space types including commercial office, hospitality, and industrial warehouse.
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