I&S Hotel Tour Chicago
On Demand

Plan to join us on Thursday, April 24, 2014 on an educational tour of luxury hotels in the great city of Chicago. This tour will provide you the opportunity to take in some of the city's newest and most decadent hotels alongside other accomplished designers on a luxury bus tour through the city. THE FIRST PRESENTATION WILL BEGIN AT 8:45 AM AT THE HOTEL LINCOLN.

Designer-led tours of selected hotel properties offer a fun way to earn .2 IDCEC-approved credits! Presentation materials will be available for download to your mobile device following registration. Guests will also enjoy lunch at the Radisson Blu in Chicago's iconic Aqua Tower, and close the day with a cocktail celebration for all participants.

For more information, contact senior editor AnnMarie Martin at annmarie.martin@interiorsandsources.com.