Event: Monitoring, Measuring, and Verification: Keys to Energy Efficiency
Monitoring, Measuring, and Verification: Keys to Energy Efficiency
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Monitor, measure and manage your building’s energy consumption with smart technology.




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Smart technology is providing a new set of tools to monitor, measure and manage your building’s energy usage and consumption. Learn how you can implement them in your buildings.



Learning Objectives

What you will gain from attending this webinar:

  • Learn how data loggers can identify hidden energy waste in HVAC and lighting systems, motors, compressed air systems, etc. in your facility.

  • Discover how to employ data loggers to reduce peak demand charges and sustain energy savings over time.

  • Understand real-world examples of energy reduction measures identified through the utilization of data loggers.



Paul H. Stiller, PE, CEM
Director, Energy Management, Summit Energy Services, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric



Paul is responsible for leading clients to more effective energy management through structured training and collaborative projects. He has 36 years of energy management experience and has assisted over 500 facilities in the Americas and Europe to become more energy efficient.


Paul is a Professional Engineer and Certified Energy Manager.  He frequently shares lessons learned and recommendations through published papers and presentations which are not intended to promote any specific product or service.


Prior to joining Summit Energy, he led the Power and Energy Management Solutions (PEMS) unit of Rockwell Automation, including products and energy-related system integration services.



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