Escalations Made Easy: Understanding Gross Ups, Expense Caps, and Capital Amortizations
On Demand
Presented by Buildings and BOMA International

Calculating escalations and justifying those calculations can be a daunting task for property managers and asset managers. This Webinar will help clear up some of the confusion that lies around the escalation process; an important process that can represent 10% to 20% of a portfolio’s revenues. Join escalations experts Bill Brownfield, CCIM, CPM, and Larry Mayerhofer, CPA, both Principals of Brownfield and Mayherhofer, to understand various lease provisions and the implications for tenant billing and recovery.

Learning Objectives
  • Clarify concepts, theory and calculations that comprise the escalation process
  • Illustrate how to perform BOMA-approved gross-up calculations and use these formats to standardize your processes and increase recoveries
  • Explore which Expense Caps favor the Landlord and which ones favor the Tenant
  • Demonstrate Capital Amortizations and help you determine how much are you are actually recovering from them.

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