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  1. 01/01/2014
    From building a corporate culture to integrating technology in intuitive ways, here’s how three leading design firms are redefining the modern office.
  2. 08/29/2013
    An art program that cuts waste and reduces environmental damage can be as beautiful as it is sustainable. Here’s how.
  3. 01/29/2014
    A look at how American architects and designers are helping to spur a new wave of innovation in the Middle East.
  4. 10/01/2013
    Our fifth installment of this annual feature examines a variety of outstanding LEED projects, all of which exemplify excellence in sustainable commercial interior design and architecture.
  5. 05/29/2014

    A simple question about the future of our planet has sparked serious debate; we offer an explanation as to why it should be over already.

  6. 11/01/2013
    Sheryl Sandberg’s best-selling book, “Lean In,” provides some helpful advice for those of us trying to better define the interior design profession.
  7. 01/01/2014
    Within the next few years, close to half of America's workforce will have transitioned to independent labor, begging the question: Where will they all work?
  8. 10/01/2013
    Stuart Kaplow, ESQ. builds his clients much-needed roadmaps through the confusing world of sustainable building.
  9. 03/21/2014
    The Crayola Experience store engages customers of all ages with a comprehensive brand presentation.
  10. 09/29/2013
    The not-for-profit gets an easier-to-access home that will provide clients with even further opportunities.
  11. 12/01/2013
    The votes have been tallied and you have spoken! We unveil the winners of Interiors & Sources’ fifth-annual Readers’ Choice Awards.
  12. 05/01/2014

    We give you an exclusive preview of the most innovative products that will be making their debut at the annual NeoCon show in June.

  13. 07/31/2014

    Is your design good? How can you be sure?

  14. 07/31/2014

    The new United Club and Global First Lounge caters to the wide demographics and needs of its many daily users with zones for working to relaxing and everything in between.

  15. 07/31/2014

    CEOs of almost two dozen leading design and construction industry associations, with more than 700,000 members generating almost $1 trillion in GDP, used “Building Safety Month” to issue a joint statement on resilience.

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    Grace Jeffers' love affair with materials began at nine years old, when the other students used paper doilies to decorate their Valentine’s Day project, she shingled hers in laminate.

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