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July 2014

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July 2014 Features

I&S chats with Beatrice Girelli of indidesign about her experience with historic preservation and the importance of proper research.

The Penn Medicine Chair strikes a balance between two discrete disciplines—wood furniture making and orthopaedic medicine.

Architectural Resources Group (ARG) is providing design services for the new 130,000-square-foot space in California.

We're reflecting on the past, learning from our mistakes, and gaining some insight on designing for longevity in the July issue of Interiors & Sources.

The next crop of graduates—and potential design stars—present their innovative concepts that embrace the future and the communities they hope to create.

Historic preservation and adaptive reuse projects breathe new life not only into old buildings, but the communities they serve.

With more than 600 exhibitors and 31,000 guests, the eyes of the contemporary furniture world were on ICFF.

Morgante Wilson Architects and Harboe Architects breathe new life—and a new hospitality purpose—into one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s treasured late Prairie style homes.

Dichroic is constructed from premium-grade multilayered polymeric film for 3M.

As history progresses, so does the evolution of design thinking. And with it evolves the application of game theory to our work in the profession.

Here are two 2014 reissues from the classic archives—armchairs 400 and 401—that showcase exactly how it's done.

With some re-imagination and a contemporary touch, the Lord Baltimore Hotel went from drab and dated to fit for modern royalty.

A healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo coupled with a thoughtful approach to design ensures interiors will remain adaptable and impactful in an ever-evolving world.

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    Grace Jeffers' love affair with materials began at nine years old, when the other students used paper doilies to decorate their Valentine’s Day project, she shingled hers in laminate.

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