Corporate Interiors

Corporate Interiors

Innovation pioneer ?What If! redesigns its NYC office to reflect the company’s unique blend of creativity and know-how.

Since the dawn of the digital revolution, workplace environments have adapted to new technologies and innovation. Now, in the search for the perfect, modern workplace, we may be regaining some of our touch by learning to embrace our past.

Citrix built its “server room” so designers can take a respite from technology and slow down in a space where thinking, rather than multitasking, is expected.

Rapt Studio's design for Adobe's new Utah campus brings employees, clients and nature together in the pursuit of innovation. 

HDR’s new Kingston, Ontario office pays tribute to the firm’s brand and the area’s unique history through a refined storytelling approach.

The design of the Atlanta Development Center (ADC) is as neat as peas in a pod—in fact, nine pods with 11 persons in each.

The design team at HMC Architects creates a high-tech, high-touch space where visitors can immerse themselves in the McAfee brand and experience its real-time approach to cybersecurity through a highly choreographed architectural narrative.

Thanks to the design team at Baskervill, the new “noncorporate” headquarters of Snagajob embraces the company’s lively and creative culture with an open environment that fosters collaboration and recreation.

As we wrap up the year, we here on the editorial staff saw an opportunity to go back and find those projects that had fallen through the cracks for one reason or another—or that deserve to be seen sooner.

Rodriguez Studio recreates a multipurpose office space for a New York City nonprofit and re-energizes its cause.

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