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Drawing inspiration from nature, Earthos embraces rustic earthiness … both in texture, material choice and color palette. As shown in the Segorbe series by Tile of Spain branded manufacturer Grespania, this trend holds an appreciation for the use of recycled materials and organic tones. Style stemming from Earthos includes the minimalism offered by cement and metal, coupled with natural elements such as stone, moss, grass and bark.


CaesarStone presents Motivo, a new pattern-designed technique for its quartz surfaces. Motivo is another groundbreaking innovation from the company that pioneered the use of quartz in surfacing material more than two decades ago. To create Motivo, CaesarStone uses a unique patented polishing method to create a contrasting gloss and matte finish on its quartz surfaces. The stunning, intricate motifs add character and style to any décor.

Advanced Technology Inc. (ATI) introduces the additional capabilities of FusionTech to its wide range of product offerings. Through a proprietary process, ATI now has the ability to create custom, durable products on multiple substrates, including metal, glass, FRP, ceramic, and wood. No project is too small or too large as the flexibility of FusionTech is one of its greatest attributes.

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Urban Renewal by Crossville combines the beauty of real metal accent and trim pieces with a dimensional composite body, which means that although it has the look of heavy metal, it’s actually lightweight and easy to install. And, in keeping with its name, Urban Renewal is made of 60 percent post-consumer recycled content (certification pending).

3form and Wovin Wall introduce Wave Wall, a sleek new design solution for interior walls and ceilings. The latest innovation in the exclusive partnership that first launched in 2008, Wave Wall joins the 3form Wovin Wall feature system as an elegant new three-dimensional option that provides stunning interest in almost any interior space.


Lea Ceramiche has achieved a winning combination with BSP (Basaltina Stone Project), a full-body, porcelain stoneware that takes on a different color depending on how it has been applied. BSP offers a minimalist look whose character is capable of creating different moods.

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Stone Source introduces Bosco, an alluring marble with a hint of green and a rich brown stream cascading through it. This material takes on an entirely different aesthetic depending upon its texture. The veined finish brings the smooth chocolate brown streams to the surface, while the rough gray/green recedes. The brushed finish takes on a similar aesthetic to the veined in a more subtle manner. The polished stone has a smooth, uniform surface.


High-end inkjet technology gives a handcrafted feel to the multiplicity of elements in Ragno USA’s TEXTILE, where the strength and hardness of color body porcelain embraces the softer world of fabric. From soft to structured surfaces, from geometric to metallic patterns, this extremely tactile series gives architects, designers and consumers a decidedly different approach to coordinating wall and floor treatments.

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